Butterflies for my mom #2

I’m so into butterflies right now thanks to my colleagues who gave me a beautiful flower in a pot with a butterfly in it.



Reflection – Work in progress

My latest piece called “Reflection”

Done with Paint Tool SAI and my brand new Intuos Pro. You can see older works in progress of “Reflection” on my facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/LilyArtGallery. Feel free to like and comment!



Not so friendly-looking fairy

I drew a fairy for a future client (I hope), but then she said it’s not the friendliest-looking fairy in the world (and she is right, it’s more like “I’m your queen fairy, not your friend”). After the first one, I drew another – a small tooth fairy and I hope this one is more friendly-looking.

So here are the two drawings, I hope you like them.

fairy queen tooth fairy