“Curiosity” & “On the Hill”

My latest works

On the hill




I’m illustrating Aladdin right now.

Maket_Aladin-3х Maket_Aladin-2Аладин——————————————————-

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First Time illustrating a children’s book!

I met wonderful Amy Louhela (an amazing photographer) on Freelance.com and she hired me to illustrate her first children’s book (and my first children’s book too!) – The Night The Tooth Fairy Did Not Come.

Here is a preview of the illustrations:

children's book

Visit and #Like the facebook page:

Or support the Kickstarter campaign to fund the upcoming book:
The Night The Tooth Fairy Did Not Come – Kickstarter

Not so friendly-looking fairy

I drew a fairy for a future client (I hope), but then she said it’s not the friendliest-looking fairy in the world (and she is right, it’s more like “I’m your queen fairy, not your friend”). After the first one, I drew another – a small tooth fairy and I hope this one is more friendly-looking.

So here are the two drawings, I hope you like them.

fairy queen tooth fairy