Galah – Final

My second drawing – the Galah! These little feathered friends are so much fun to draw!

galah digital painting

10 thoughts on “Galah – Final

  1. Hi Lily, thank you for finding my blog, so I could find your’s 🙂 Your work is beautiful!!! Funny how things work…I’m busy working on a painting of the ‘Victorian Crested Pigeons’. I will post it when it’s done. Keep up the great work.

  2. Thanks for your visit to my site – I found this in your site and thought to tell you I have Galah’s visit my garden every day. You are an exceptional artist from what I have seen so far – will look about some more. Here are two photos of Galah’s in my garden the first I created in photoshop and the second is untouched except for cropping. and

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